Aiming For A Poker Tournament

Poker to me has always been a little bit of luck and a whole lot of information. An Online Poker Tournament has been proven achievable but the first disadvantage I see is my “whole lot of information” is going to be next to nil.

I’m only going to see other players and myself as caricatures on my screen. Facial expressions, hand gestures, body motions will all be absent, as well as eye squinting, blinking or twitching – those ‘giveaways’ on TV and why many use sunglasses. Add to this the screen names: how do I know that Tiny Tina isn’t some card shark from Vegas alluding to be female and harmless?

I’m going to have to compensate for this not-so-small handicap. Basically anybody’s poker actions are six — whether you play online or off… betting, folding, calling, raising, re-raising, or check-raising. So that’s a given. My observations are going to fall in the realm of a good site selection, a game selection (there are many tables), careful note-taking and money management.

And while all players are indeed in caricature-form, they still have behavior that can be noted. I can put their screen names under one of two lists: “tight players” or “loose players”. It will help to observe a few hands and label them before I decide to sit in. Too many tight players and I might look at another table.

Tight players are strong opponents. Even as a novice they will fold a poor deal and play a good one. When they raise, more often than not they have the cards to back it up with. I think it would benefit me to keep them to my right – that way, I get to act after they do. Loose players are often called ‘maniacs’ because they love to bet and raise with very little in hand to back it up.

As I see it, they are best if kept to my left in playing online poker. Advantages are: I get to see how the other players react to his/her betting before it’s my turn. And, at times if I check to the maniac who bets of course, this allows everyone else to call before I raise the bet and collect the additional monies. Get it?

Of course a table can also be tight or loose. Ideally I believe a loose table is better and the first sign of this would be how many players see the flop; the more the better – if many are playing to the flop, the pots are healthier. I read where 30% of the table playing all the way to the flop is a good measure. Anything less is not worthwhile sitting in.

So, it’s time now to choose a fictitious name and sign up for the best poker school where I can (as they say) become a professional in a matter of months rather than years by playing the game with “fun” money until I declare I am ready for a real investment.

Are you aiming for a poker tournament? If so, why not follow me as I write future Articles on this issue. Also share what you have learned, I’d be happy to hear from you and include your observations.

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